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Register Keeper
Aegis-palvelut oy - Aegis Services Ltd, trade names: Osuva Range & Training / Osuva Outfitters
PL70, 00131 Helsinki
Tel. + 358 9 85696980

Contact person
Customer Service
Aegis-palvelut oy - Aegis Services Ltd
PL70, 00131 Helsinki
Tel. + 358 9 85696980

Name of the register
Aegis Services Customer Register

The purpose for the use of register
The Customer Register is based on a customer relationship, a contractual relationship, the express permission of the registered person (i.e. when signing up for a newsletter) or other acceptable premise.

Personal information may be used to fulfil contractual duties or provide services, as well as being in contact with the person registered for purposes of customer service, marketing, business development, product development, news letters, website user experience development, service personalisation as well as marketing studies and other analyses.

Content of the register
Necessary information may be saved, such as name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address, address, details about services and products ordered / purchased by the customer and information pertinent to supplying and billing said services / products, register queries, comments and reactions on the website, customer feedback, permissions as well as profiling and interest information provided by the user, and the user developed id and password. No unnecessary information is stored.

Technically gathered data may include IP address, location (country and city) use of online services, time, details regarding the device used, OS type and version, browser type and language, customer service interactions in different service channels and outside pages, that the coster has arrived from or which they move to from the register keepers website. This information is used for product and service development and enhancing the customer experience. They cannot usually be linked to a specific user.

Regular sources of information
The register information originates from the registered subscribers when they subscribe to a news letter, make a reservation or from third party analysis services, such as Google Analytics or public sources. Subscribers can cancel registration and remove their contact information from the register by informing our customer service department (

Personal Information Retention
Customer information is only retained for the time required by law. The register keeper has the duty to retain information for ten years as specified in Finnish accounting law (Kirjanpitolaki, luku 2, 10 §). Due to this limitation accounting information cannot be removed at an earlier time.

Disclosure of data
Information in the subscriber register is only used by Aegis Services for sending publications and corporate announcements. Information is not passed or sold to any outside party.

Information may be transferred to an outside party for the purposes of accounting, or government officials, as required by Finnish law.

Transferring information outside the EU or EEC
Information is not, as a rule, transferred outside the EU or EEC.

Principles, by which the register is secured
Information is used only by the persons whose tasks so require. Data are stored on servers located in a secure server vault. All transmitted information is encrypted. Access to the network and servers is controlled by passwords and passkeys. Partners with access to the register, such as the company accountant, are located in Finland.

Hardware owned by the company (laptops, tablets and smartphones) are password protected.

Any information security breaches will be taken up with the authorities and / or affected users as per the applicable laws.

The Right to View Information
Each registrant has the right to view information stored in the register. Requests should be addressed to the contact above. Proof of identification is required.

The Right to Correct or Remove Information
Each registrant has the right to have incorrect information corrected, or to have any information removed. Signed requests should be addressed in to the contact above in either paper, or electronic form. Proof of identification is required. The request to be forgotten information can only be removed from the register to the extent allowed by other laws, keeping in mind, for example the 10 year requirement of Finnish accounting law.

Other Rights Related to Data Handling
The registrant has the right to request an electronic transfer of their data to another service provider. The registrant has the right to cancel any permissions granted. The registrant has the right to forbid the use of their information for the purposes of direct marketing, distance marketing and marketing research.

The registrants request, cancellations of permissions and forbidding the use of information for a given purpose must be made to the contact above. Proof of identification is required.

The register keeper must maintain the register information according to current legislation and only as long, as is necessary for the purposes mentioned in this data protection policy. Information may be maintained after the customer relationship for legally binding reasons.

Visitors to the website may empty or block cookies from their browser, but this may affect their user experience or cause issues with the website. Emptying the cookie cache does not completely block collection of information.

User Responsibility for Personal Information
The user must ensure, that their password is secure enough and that the password is changed often enough. The user must also use a unique username / password combination, that is not in use with other services at the same time. The user must ensure their information security, including locking their mobile devices and computers with a password, using virus proaction and firewalls and make sure that their software is up-to-date.