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Osuva is Finland´s leading provider of firearms training, with two indoor shooting ranges located right in the centre of Helsinki. Since opening our doors in 2000, we’ve introduced over twenty thousand new shooters to the sport and held thousands of events and courses.

Our state-of-the art ranges provide the perfect venue for serious training as well as entertaining shooting events. We have a wide range of weapons to choose from: pistols, revolvers and pistol calibre carbines to suit every skill level and taste.

When you visit Osuva, you’ll be working with Finland’s most experienced firearms instructors. Our instructors are always present on the range to ensure your safety, provide tips on shooting technique and talk guns. While our instructors take safety very seriously, they are also easy-going and approachable and the atmosphere on the range is relaxed.

In Finland shooting is a hobby for everyone and our customer base reflects this. We cater to men and women of all ages and walks of life. An increasing number of our customers are international, so come on over, you’ll fit right in!


Osuva is run by a group of three entrepreneurs and instructors from a wide variety of backgrounds. We all share a passion for developing as both shooters and teachers, and are continuously developing our skills through practice, cross training, and courses. Each of our instructors has a different specialisation. We have the right instructor for you regardless of whether you’re looking for a patient instructor to help you ease into a new hobby, a high-speed, low-drag type to take you or your team to the next level, or something a bit more special, for example firearms training for actors.


First Time on Our Range?

Whether you’re interested in getting into the shooting sports or just want to try out a gun or two, our Introductory Sessions offer you the chance to shoot in a safe and relaxed environment. All of our instructors speak English, so you won’t have any trouble making a reservation or understanding their instructions on the range.

Our Introductory Sessions are intended for people who are visiting our range for the first time and don’t have their own gun. Shooters who own a gun can simply make a reservation for one of our normal range sessions, although attending a brief safety lecture is always required before hitting the range for the first time.

During the Intro Sessions our experienced instructors are always by your side to ensure safe gun handling and give you tips on your shooting technique.

Introductory Sessions last 50 minutes and consist of:

  • A lecture covering weapons’ function, safety rules and range commands and the fundamentals of shooting (approx. 20 min.)
  • Shooting! The range is 25 metres and we shoot five round strings of fire at standard bulls-eye type targets with a rimfire pistol. Our instructors will be within arms reach for the entire session to ensure you’re shooting safely and using proper technique (approx. 30 min.)

The Introductory Session is all inclusive (range fee, ammo, target, instruction). You can find our prices here.

Intro Sessions are shot entirely using a rimfire pistol or revolver, as they are accurate and have low recoil and a mild report, making them easy and pleasant to shoot. If you’d like to try a larger gun on the same visit to our range, you can reserve a normal range session right after your intro session. Please note that our instructors have last say on which guns it is safe for a shooter to try.

Reservations must be made at least a day in advance by calling +358 (0)9 8569 6980. Unfortunately we cannot accept walk-in customers!


You’ll need:

  • A photo ID. Well hang on to this while you’re on the range.
  • Relaxed clothing. We recommend a long-sleeve shirt with a relatively tight collar so that hot brass won’t fall under your shirt. We don’t recommend wearing high-heeled footwear or sandals while shooting.
  • An open mind. Listen to what our instructors have to say; they’ve got a lot to give, even if you’re an experienced shooter. Remember that when it comes to shooting, there are no stupid questions. If you’re not crystal clear about something, ask!

Welcome to our range!



We offer sessions from beginner to pro.

Once you’ve taken our Introductory Session, you can make reservations for our range sessions. Our sessions start on the hour and are usually 50 minutes long. We offer three types of sessions:

  • UNSUPERVISED SESSION – For members who have their own gun. As the name implies, there is no instructor on the range during these sessions, which are mostly scheduled for the daytime. The shooting distance is 25 metres.
  • SUPERVISED SESSION – An instructor or instructors will be present on the range and you can shoot with your own gun, or with a rental. The shooting distance is 25 metres. Supervised sessions are open to members and non-members.
  • COACHING SESSION – Goal-oriented training with an instructor. These sessions are usually focused on a specific shooting sport or working on a certain aspect of shooting. Coaching sessions are aimed at advanced shooters and attending requires permission from one of our instructors.
Reservations for all of our sessions are made by phone. Members can also make reservations online.


We offer a variety of courses run by both our own instructors as well as outside talent. In addition to courses, we run shorter workshops focusing on specific aspects of shooting, taught by some of the very best Finnish and International instructors.

Upcoming courses and workshops will be featured here.


If you want a head start in your new hobby, or want to take yourself to the next level, you might want to consider personal training. First, we’ll decide on the best instructor for your needs. Next, you’ll work together to set goals and decide on the amount of training you’ll need to achieve them. Personal training consists of instructor led training sessions, dry fire practice at home and unsupervised practice on the range. Personal training is also a great gift for someone looking to get into shooting and even experienced shooters!


Do you have a specific need that you need training for? We can provide you with skilled instructors whatever your need! Some examples of our bespoke courses include:

  • Firearms training for private sector security, both Finnish and International companies
  • Training tailored to the needs of reservist groups
  • Introductory firearms and tactics training for game developers
  • Stage combat training for actors
  • Courses for researchers working in polar regions (polar bear threat)
  • Tactical emergency medical training
Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be glad to help you develop a course to meet your needs!


If you need speciality knowledge regarding firearms or shooting, we can probably help. If we can’t we’ll be happy to help you find someone who can.

  • Expert statements
  • Firearms training and shooting ranges
  • Legal consulting
  • Testing of firearms and equipment, ballistic testing
  • Research related to firearms and shooting
  • Tv and game consulting, motion capture


Both Osuva’s venue and instructors are constantly being used for tv and movie work and art projects. We’ll be happy to work with your regardless of whether you’re a big producer or an indie crew.


Are you arranging a company outing or a stag or hen party? Would you like the whole range to yourself? Can do! Shooting is a memorable way to start off an evening and a positive experience people will talk about for a long time.

We’re all Yours! For private events our range and instructors are reserved entirely for your group. Group sizes can range from 1-21 people. If you have a larger group, we can still probably accommodate you, but as we only have seven lanes on the range, waiting times may be a bit long.

Safety First. The event starts off with a safety lecture covering weapons’ function, our safety rules and range commands and the fundamentals of shooting. The lecture can be given in English or Finnish. After the safety lecture we move onto the range, where two of our instructors will be on hand to give you guidance on proper technique. The instructors will also show you how to handle the different guns and tell you about their history.

Options for different shooters – and budgets:

  • Silver – Rimfires and Service Pistols, 1.5-2.5 hours
    This option adds a large collection of the most commonly used 9mm service pistols to the options available to your group. After every string of fire you get to choose another gun to try, so you can really get a good feel for a variety of weapons with this option.
  • Gold – The Whole Nine Yards
    Our premium and most popular event features our entire array of pistols, revolvers and carbines up to and including the mighty .50-caliber handguns. Shooting these monsters is an experience you’ll not soon forget! Suppressed weapons are also included in this option, as are semi-automatic submachine guns.

If you don’t know which option to go with or suspect that some people in your group might want to stick with the less intimidating options while others try the big guns, we can bring our whole collection of guns onto the range and each shooter can choose which option they want to go with. This is a common choice for stag/hen parties.

Complimentary tee and coffee is always available.

We Do Take Requests! Would you like to have a little friendly competition between companies? Have you always wanted to literally shoot that printer that’s been making your project hell? If you’d like to do something a little different, don’t hesitate to ask, we’ll do our best to accommodate your wishes!

We arrange over 200 private events annually and customer satisfaction is very high. Give us a ring and we’ll discuss you needs!

Private event pricing can be found from here.


You don’t have to be a member to use our range, but if you visit us often, membership pays off. You can apply for membership at any time by visiting the range or filling in and emailing us the membership form. Membership confers several benefits:

  • Affordable member pricing
  • Extended hours of operation
  • Members only competitions, courses and offers
  • Certificates of membership are available on request and are a prerequisite when applying for a firearms license

Osuva currently has well over a thousand members. Almost half of our members are women and a large percentage come from an international background. The age limit for membership is 15. While some of our members visit the range weekly, others only once or twice a year.

Applying for membership is easy. You need to fill in a membership application form (also read the membership rules) which you can do online and print out, or pick up from the range. The signed membership application form can be sent to us (Osuva Range & Training, PL70, 00131 HKI), emailed (, or you can drop it off on your range visit. After the application is processed, we will send you a bill. The processing time for the application is usually two days to two weeks, but you're entitled to membership pricing once you've left your application.

We charge a registration fee, which is only paid once, when you first become a member. A membership fee is charge annually and is valid for 12 months.


To make a reservation, call +358 9 8569 6980, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Our range sessions start every hour, on the hour. The sessions are 50 minutes in length, except for group events and some coaching sessions which can last from 1.5-2.5 hours, depending on the size of the group.

Day Normal Range Hours and Intro Sessions Members Groups
Monday On appointment
Tuesday – Friday 15.00 – 19.00 10.00 – 19.00 10.00 – 19.00
Saturday 10.00 – 18.00 10.00 – 18.00 10.00 – 18.00
Sunday Reserved for our partner clubs and competitions

We can, on occasion, arrange for shooting outside of our normal hours of operations for our members or groups. Please ask if you want to, say, arrange a group event on Sunday, we’ll do our best to oblige!

Gift Vouchers

All of our products and services can be made available through gift voucher. Vouchers can be made up for a specific sum, or a service, such as our introductory session.

Payment methods

We accept cash, most European debit cards and the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard and EuroCard.

  • Smartum’s Liikunta- ja kulttuuriseteli, liikuntaseteli and Smartum saldo -card
  • Nets Oy:s Virikeseteli and Virikekortti
  • ePassi's Sporttipassi
  • Edenred Finland’s Ticket Mind & Body -card
  • Eazybreak’s Mobile Sport Vouchers
  • We accept Bitcoin using BitPay

Payment for private events can be made at the range or we can bill you.

SERVICE Price Member price
Range Fee (incl. target) / 50 min. 30 € 12 €
Gun Rental / 1gun / 50 min. 20 € 10 €
Introductory session / 50 min. 65 €

PRIVATE EVENTS Price + 1/2 hour
Gold - our whole range of guns 125 € / person 50 € / person
Silver - .22 & 9mm 95 € / person 40 € / person

DISCOUNTS (members only) Hinta
10 x range (incl. target) 110 €
10 x range + gun rental 188 €

AMMUNITION (50 rd. box) Price 500 pcs 1000 pcs
.22 LR 8 € 7 € 6 €
.32 AUTO 25 € 24 € 22 €
9mm Makarov 25 € 24 € 22 €
9x19mm 22 € 20 € 19 €
.38 Spl 26 € 25 € 23 €
.357 Mag 28 € 27 € 25 €
.40 S&W 28 € 27 € 25 €
.45 ACP 30 € 29 € 27 €
.44 Mag 42 € 42 € 39 €
500 S&W ja .50AE (Price per one round) 5 € / round

Initiation Fee 25 €
Membership fee / 12 months 120 €

PERSONAL 1 hour 5 hours 10 hours
Chief Instructor 115 € 520 € 920 €
Senior Instructor 90 € 405 € 720 €
Prices do not include range fees, gun rental or ammunition.


We offer a discount of 10% off our range fees and gun rental to pensioners, students, unemployed and veterans as well as those doing their compulsory military/civil service. We do not charge an initiation fee for any of the above when joining, but the annual membership fee is charges as usual.

Official documentation verifying your status is required to qualify for a discount.


Additional information, FAQ’s and safety rules


You can contact us at the number 09 8569 6980 or via email at


Please note, that our instructors will start letting people in ten minutes before the session, at other times, they'll be on the range and unable to answer the door/phone.


Osuva Kamppi is ten minutes walk from the Helsinki Central Railway Station and a couple of minutes from Kamppi metro station at Albertinkatu 36.

If you’re coming by car, parking can be a challenge. Glo Hotel Art has an underground garage around the corner from us (Lönnrotinkatu 29) that costs €4/hour.


Osuva Tähtitorninmäki is located under Observatory Hill (Tähtitorninvuori), a five minute walk from Stockmanns -department store. The address is Fabianinkatu 1, where you'll find a ramp leading into the hill with a EuroPark sign above it. Head down the ramp and through the door in the gate. You'll come to spiral staircase. Climb the stairs and follow the passage and you'll come to the range.

If you're coming by car, you can drive directly into the EuroPark-garage from Laivasillankatu 20. Parking costs €5,60 for the first hour and €2,80 every 30 minutes after that.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.
  • Do I need a firearms permit to shoot at Osuva?
  • Do I need to become a member to shoot at Osuva?
    You don’t, but if you visit the range often, membership will pay itself off in a few sessions as members get discounted prices for range fees and gun rental.
    The most affordable way to shoot is to become a member and purchase range sessions ten at a time, please see our discounted prices.
  • I’d like to buy my own gun. How do I do that?
    We’ll add information on getting your firearms permit and guying a gun in Finland soon.
  • What guns / ammunition can I shoot at the range?
    You can shoot handguns and carbines chambered in a handgun calibres. The use of uncoated/jacketed lead ammunition is not allowed. We recommend using coated/jacketed ammunition.
  • Can I bring my own ammunition?
    You may only shoot ammunition purchased from us through our rental guns for safety reasons.
  • Do you have an age limit?
    We generally use 15 years as a minimum age. As children mature at different rates, we are in some cases able to take on younger shooters after discussing the matter with them and their parents. Anyone under the age of 18 will need written consent from their guardian.
  • Can I bring my partner/friend/child/dog with me to the range?
    We generally only allow shooters on the range for safety reasons. Our instructors need space to work and excess people tend to get in the way. That said, we can allow one non-shooter on the range at a time, if needed. Non-shooters are also welcome to wait for shooters in our training area. Dogs and other animals have no place on a shooting range, so bringing them to our venue is not allowed.
  • Can I shoot at Osuva if I’m not a Finnish national?
    Sure! We have a lot of international customers. All of our instructors can conduct training in Finnish and English and some also speak Russian, but if you want training in Russian, you’ll have to ask if it’s possible in advance.
  • What kind of people shoot at Osuva?
    There’s no such thing as a typical customer the Osuva. Our members come from all walks of life. Almost half are women and a growing number are from abroad.
  • I’m an experienced shooter. Do I still need to take part in an introductory session?
    Not if you have your own gun. We will, however, walk you through the safety rules of the range to make sure everyone’s on the same page. If you’re coming to the range for the first time and need to rent a gun, you will have to attend an introductory session.
  • Can I rent the entire range?
    Sure. Give us a ring to discuss the details. The price depends on whether you’re renting it just once or several times.
  • What’s the relationship between Osuva and the Helsinki Shooting Club?
    Osuva used to be called the Helsinki Shooting Club. After a partial change of owners/management, we decided to continue under a new name. Both Helsinki Shooting Club and Osuva Range & Training are auxiliary business names under Aegis Services Ltd Oy.
  • Do you accept gift certificates/10x cards etc. from the Helsinki Shooting Club?
    Yes we do!


Read these rules before shooting. Following the rules while on the range is mandatory.
  1. When handling a firearm, keep the barrel pointed towards the targets at all times.
  2. Do not place your finger inside the trigger guard unless you have the target in your sights.
  3. Do not touch any weapon, unless given permission to handle weapons or shoot by an instructor.
  4. When your gun is on the shooting table, the barrel must remain pointed towards the targets, the magazine must be removed and the slide or action must be open. Revolvers must have an open and empty cylinder.
  5. When the instructor has verified that shooting may commence safely, they will give the command “protect you eyes and ears”. After checking that everyone has their eye and ear protection on, the instructor will give the command “you may fire”. You may not touch a weapon before this. Once everyone has stopped shooting, the instructor will check the weapons to verify that they are empty and give the command “check your targets”. You may remove your eye and ear protection at this point.
  6. “STOP!” means danger.
    If you hear this command, cease firing and do not move. The instructors will take care of the problem. If you notice a dangerous situation, shout “STOP!” and point out the problem to the instructors.
  7. If your gun malfunctions or breaks, put the gun down on your shooting table and let the instructor know you have a problem (this rule applies primarily to rental guns).
  8. Shooters must be at the same distance from the targets while shooting.
  9. When moving a weapon (for cleaning, for example) the barrel of the gun must remain pointed down towards the floor. Pistols must have their magazines removed and slide/action locked open, revolvers must have the cylinder open.
  10. Do not remove a rental gun from the shooters table without permission from the staff. Only staff may handle weapons in the common area.



Read more on the renewed data protection here.