A Modern Shooting Range for Shooters of all Levels

Our state-of-the art ranges provide the perfect venue for serious training as well as entertaining shooting events. We have a wide range of weapons to choose from: pistols, revolvers and pistol calibre carbines to suit every skill level and taste.

Finland's Most Experienced Instructors

When you visit Osuva you’ll be working with Finland’s most experienced firearms instructors. Our instructors are always present on the range to ensure your safety, provide tips on shooting technique and talk guns. While our instructors take safety very seriously, they are also easy-going and approachable and the atmosphere on the range is relaxed.

Introductory Session

Intro Session - your first time at Osuva

Whether you’re interested in getting into the shooting sports or just want to try out a gun or two, our Introductory Sessions offer you the chance to shoot in a safe and relaxed environment. All of our instructors speak English, so you won’t have any trouble making a reservation or understanding their instructions on the range.

Our Introductory Sessions are intended for people who are visiting our range for the first time and don’t have their own gun. Shooters who own a gun can simply make a reservation for one of our normal range sessions, although attending a brief safety lecture is always required before hitting the range for the first time. During the Intro Sessions our experienced instructors are always by your side to ensure safe gun handling and give you tips on your shooting technique.

Introductory Session





  • A lecture covering weapons’ function, safety rules and range commands and the fundamentals of shooting (approx. 20 min.)
  • Shooting! The range is 25 metres and we shoot five round strings of fire at standard bulls-eye type targets with a rimfire pistol. Our instructors will be within arms reach for the entire session to ensure you’re shooting safely and using proper technique (approx. 30 min.)

The Intro Session includes everything you need: the range fee, gun rental, eye and ear protection, target, ammunition as well as training and supervision on the range.

Intro Sessions are shot entirely using a rimfire pistol or revolver, as they are accurate and have low recoil and a mild report, making them easy and pleasant to shoot. If you’d like to try a larger gun on the same visit to our range, you can reserve a normal range session right after your intro session. Please note that our instructors have last say on which guns it is safe for a shooter to try.


Training is conducted in either Finnish or English. For safety reasons we cannot accept customers who do not understand either of the languages.

Please don't shoot while pregnant or nursing. The sound pressure and lead that are present when shooting may be harmful to the foetus / baby.

What Do You Need?

  • Some form of official photo ID We'll hang on to this while you're shooting. If you're 15 but not yet 18 we'll also need a written permission slip with from your guardian. This must have a phone number we can use for verification.
  • Relaxed clothing. We recommend a long-sleeve shirt with a relatively tight collar so that hot brass won’t fall under your shirt. We don’t recommend wearing high-heeled footwear or sandals while shooting.
  • An open mind. Listen to what our instructors have to say; they’ve got a lot to give, even if you’re an experienced shooter. Remember that when it comes to shooting, there are no stupid questions. If you’re not crystal clear about something, ask!
  • Please note, you must have a reservation to visit the range and we do not take reservations for the same day. Your reservation must be made on the previous office day at the latest. The fastest and most effective way to make your reservation is to call us at 09-8569 6980.

Shooting With Your Own Gun

If you own a gun and are a seasoned shooter, you can simply make a reservation for our range, although a safety briefing is still mandatory.

Please let us know about your previous experience when making your reservation so that our instructors know what to expect. Remember to take a photo ID and your firearms permits with you!

Range Sessions

Range Sessions from Beginner to Pro

Once you’ve taken our Introductory Session, you can make reservations for our range sessions. Our sessions start on the hour and are usually 50 minutes long. We offer three types of sessions:


For members who have their own gun. As the name implies, there is no instructor on the range during these sessions, which are mostly scheduled for the daytime. The shooting distance is 25 metres.


Suurin osa vuoroistamme on valvottuja vuoroja, joita on tarjolla joka päivä molemmilla radoilla. Radalla on valvoja ja ampua voi joko omalla, tai vuokra-aseella. Ampumaetäisyys on 25 metriä. Valvotut vuorot ovat avoimia sekä jäsenille että ei-jäsenille.


Goal-oriented training with an instructor. These sessions are usually focused on a specific shooting sport or working on a certain aspect of shooting. Coaching sessions are aimed at advanced shooters and attending requires permission from one of our instructors.

Reservations for all of our sessions are made by phone. Members can also make reservations online at: aegispalvelut.avoinna24.fi/ajanvaraus


You don’t have to be a member to use our range, but if you visit us often, membership pays off. You can apply for membership at any time by visiting the range or filling in and emailing us the membership form. Membership confers several benefits:

  • Affordable member pricing
  • Extended hours of operation
  • Members only competitions, courses and offers
  • Jäsenille voidaan lakisääteisten ehtojen täyttyessä kirjoittaa todistus harrastuneisuudesta, joka on aseluvan saamisen edellytys.

Osuva currently has well over a thousand members. Almost half of our members are women and a large percentage come from an international background. The age limit for membership is 15. While some of our members visit the range weekly, others only once or twice a year.

Applying for membership is easy. You need to fill in a membership application form (also read the membership rules) which you can do online and print out, or pick up from the range. The signed membership application form can be sent to us (Osuva Range & Training, PL70, 00131 HKI), emailedinfo@osuva.com) or you can drop it off on your range visit. After the application is processed, we will send you a bill. The processing time for the application is usually two days to two weeks, but you're entitled to membership pricing once you've left your application

We charge a registration fee, which is only paid once, when you first become a member. A membership fee is charge annually and is valid for 12 months.