Täältä löydät vastaukset yleisimpiin meille esitettyihin kysymyksiin.

  1. Do I need a firearms permit to shoot at Osuva?
    • Nope.
  2. Do I need to become a member to shoot at Osuva?
    • You don’t, but if you visit the range often, membership will pay itself off in a few sessions as members get discounted prices for range fees and gun rental. The most affordable way to shoot is to become a member and purchase range sessions ten at a time, please see our discounted prices.
  3. What guns / ammunition can I shoot at the range?
    • You can shoot handguns and carbines chambered in a handgun calibres. The use of uncoated/jacketed lead ammunition is not allowed. We recommend using coated/jacketed ammunition.
  4. Can I Shoot if I'm Pregnant or Nursing?
    • Please don't shoot while pregnant or nursing. The sound pressure and lead that are present when shooting may be harmful to the foetus / baby.
  5. Can I bring my own ammunition?
    • You may only shoot ammunition purchased from us through our rental guns for safety and insurance reasons.
  6. Do you have an age limit?
    • Alaikäraja on 15-vuotta. Alle 18-vuotiailta vaadimme aina huoltajan suostumuksen.
  7. Can I bring my partner/friend/child/dog with me to the range?
    • We generally only allow shooters on the range for safety reasons. Our instructors need space to work and excess people tend to get in the way. That said, we can allow one non-shooter on the range at a time, if needed. Non-shooters are also welcome to wait for shooters in our training area. Dogs and other animals have no place on a shooting range, so bringing them to our venue is not allowed.
  8. Can I shoot at Osuva if I’m not a Finnish national?
    • Sure! A large percentage of our customers are from abroad. All of our instructors speak English.
  9. What kind of people shoot at Osuva?
    • There’s no such thing as a typical customer the Osuva. Our members come from all walks of life. Almost half are women and a growing number are from abroad.
  10. I’m an experienced shooter. Do I still need to take part in an introductory session?
    • Not if you have your own gun. We will, however, walk you through the safety rules of the range to make sure everyone’s on the same page. If you’re coming to the range for the first time and need to rent a gun, you will have to attend an introductory session.
  11. Can I rent the entire range?
    • Sure. Give us a ring to discuss the details. The price depends on whether you’re renting it just once or several times.
  12. What's this Aegis-palvelut oy I'm getting bills from?
    • Osuva Range & Training is a trade name of Aegis-palvelut oy, as is Osuva Outfitters