SERVICEPrice     Member Price
Introductory Session69 €
Range fee (incl. target) / 50 min.35 €15 €
Gun Rental / 50 min.25 €14 €
Gold - all our guns139 €/hlö50 €/hlö
Silver – .22 & 9mm109 €/hlö40 €/hlö
Double Trouble – Ammunta ja kirveenheitto159 €/hlö


As the whole range and two instructors are reserved just for your group, the minimum fee is 600 €.

COACHING (does not include range fees etc.)Price
Private Coachingalk. 100 € / tunti
Pienryhmävalmennus (2-4 henkeä)alk. 180 € / tunti
Initiation fee (you only pay this once)25 €
Jäsenmaksu 12 / kk125 €
QUANTITY DISCOUNTS (members only)Price
10 x range fee and target135 €
10 x range fee, target and gun rental259 €
AMMUNITION - 50 rounds (please note, these must be used on the premises)   KplPrice
.22 LR5011 €
.32 AUTO5032 €
9mm Makarov5034 €
9x19mm5026 €
.38 Spl5036 €
.357 Mag5039 €
.40 S&W5034 €
.45 ACP5036 €
.44 Mag5050 €
.22 LR (members only)1000*155 €
.22 LR (members only)500*83 €
9x19 (members only)1000*420 €
9x19 (members only)500*225 €
* members can buy ammunition to add to their account at bulk prices

Accepted forms of Payment

    All of our products and services can be made available through gift voucher. Vouchers can be made up for a specific sum, or a service, such as our introductory session.
  • Debit & Credit Cards
    In addition to cash we accept most European debit cards and the following credit cards: VISA MasterCard and EuroCard.
  • Sports and Culture Vouchers
    We accept most of the sports and culture vouchers that Finnish employers love (Smartum, Epassi, Edenred, Eazybreak). If you pay a bill you have received using one of the service provider's web portals, you'll have to email us a screencap of the payment. (Smartum liikunta- ja kulttuuriseteli, sekä Smartum saldo- ja mobiili -maksukortit, Epassi, Edenred, Eazybreak- liikuntamobiilisetelit). Huomaa, että jos maksat jo saamasi laskun palveluntarjoajan verkkoportaalin kautta, sinun on lähetettävä meille kuvakaappaus maksusta alkuperäisen maksun viitenumeron kanssa, jotta saamme kohdennettua maksun oikein.

You can use Epassi to buy a voucher (in euros or for a specific service) directly via the Marketplace portal!!

Yksityistilaisuudet voi maksaa paikan päällä tai voimme lähettää niistä laskun.


We offer a discount of 10% off our range fees and gun rental to pensioners, students, unemployed and veterans as well as those doing their compulsory military/civil service. We do not charge an initiation fee for any of the above when joining, but the annual membership fee is charges as usual.

Official documentation verifying your status is required to qualify for a discount.