Safety Rules

The safety of our customers and staff is paramount to us. We'll teach safe gun handling and technique to new shooters and even old hands have to show us that they know what they're doing. We strongly recommend reading our safety rules carefully before you come to the range.

Finland's Most Experienced Instructors

When you visit Osuva you’ll be working with Finland’s most experienced firearms instructors. Our instructors are always present on the range to ensure your safety, provide tips on shooting technique and talk guns. While our instructors take safety very seriously, they are also easy-going and approachable and the atmosphere on the range is relaxed.

  1. When handling a firearm, keep the barrel pointed towards the targets at all times.
    • This ensures the gun is pointed in a safe direction
  2. Keep your finger off the trigger. Your finger should only enter the trigger guard when you have your target in your sights
    • Your finger should only enter the trigger guard when you have your target in your sights.
  3. Do not touch any weapon without permission from an instructor
    • You are not allowed to touch any guns without express permission from an instructor.
  4. When your gun is on the shooting table, the barrel must remain pointed towards the targets.
    • Pistol magazines must be removed and slides or actions must be open. Revolvers must have an open and empty cylinder.
  5. Wait for Permission to Commence Firing
    • When the instructor has verified that shooting may commence safely, they will give the command “protect you eyes and ears”. After checking that everyone has their eye and ear protection on, the instructor will give the command “you may fire”. You may not touch a weapon before this.
  6. Do not check your targets before you have permission to do so
    • Once everyone has stopped shooting, the instructor will check the weapons to verify that they are empty and give the command “check your targets”. You may remove your eye and ear protection at this point and check your target.
  7. “STOP!” means danger
    • If you hear this command, cease firing and do not move. The instructors will take care of the problem. If you notice a dangerous situation, shout “STOP!” and point out the problem to the instructors.
  8. Malfunctions
    • If your gun malfunctions or breaks, put the gun down on your shooting table and let the instructor know you have a problem (this rule applies primarily to rental guns).
  9. Shooters must be at the same distance from the targets while shooting
  10. When moving a weapon (for cleaning, for example) the barrel of the gun must remain pointed down towards the floor
    • Pistols must have their magazines removed and slide/action locked open, revolvers must have the cylinder open.
  11. Do not remove a rental gun from the shooters table without permission from the staff. Only staff may handle weapons in the common area.