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Practical Pistol 1

10/04/2022@10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Basics of practical pistol shooting class (8 hrs) on Sunday 10.4. at Osuva Tähtitorninmäki range (Fabianinkatu 1) at 10-18

This class will be offered and taught in English. If you are interested in getting into practical sport shooting (IPSC, SRA, IDPA) or you just want to challenge yourself as a shooter this class is just right for you! We’ll cover all the basic skills and techniques of practical pistol shooting and build a solid foundation for safe gun handling, speed and accuracy.

We’ll cover the following topics
– firearm safety rules, safe weapon handling and range safety
– admin load process, loading and unloading the gun safely
– fundamentals of pistol shooting: stance, grip, sight alignment and trigger control
– principles of a good recoil control
– balance of speed and accuracy
– drawing from the holster
– speed reloads
– malfunction clearing
– shooting multiple targets and from different distances
– shooting with weak and strong hand only

Gear list (the following can be rented from Osuva):
– a semi-automatic pistol (9x19mm or similar caliber), at least 3 spare magazines and 300 rounds of ammunition
– eye and hearing protection
– a safe quality holster and mag pouches

You need to bring with you:
– clothing suitable for indoor range shooting
– a sturdy belt suitable for shooting (needs to carry the weight of a loaded pistol and mags; shooters belt/gun belt style preferably)
– a water bottle, snacks and note-taking equipment
– an ID, and your gun license if shooting with your own guns

Prerequisite for the course: prior experience in handgun shooting and ability to handle a gun safely, at least 18 years of age and a clean record.

Osuva member price for the class is 195€ or 300€ total with a rental gun (Glock 17), 9mm ammo and gear (holster, mag pouches and safety equipment). For non-members equivalent prices are 245/350€. Please let us know if you need to rent a gun or gear from us.

Enrollment and information:

Course instructor is Vesa H. from Osuva


10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Osuva Range & Training
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Osuva Tähtitorninmäki
Fabianinkatu 1
Helsinki, 00130 Suomi
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